"Empowering Communities for Sustainable Development"


   Education Sponsorship

FMI Ltd has made remarkable contribution in the education of children by supporting children in vulnerable situations to enroll in school and acquire basic education and skills. Vulnerable children from the surrounding communities are supported. Beneficiary children are provided with scholastic materials and other costs of education.

Type of improved energy efficient cookstoves to be distributed to beneficiaries 

FMI and UCB board of directors after signing MoU


Clean Energy Project

Clean energy project is an Efficient Cook Stove Programme that involves the distribution of domestic fuel-efficient cooking stoves to rural households in Mbale with a purpose of reducing carbon. Stoves are distributed free-of-charge to users in exchange for the rights to the generated emissions reductions. 

Revenues from the sale of emission reductions are used to fund installation of the cookstoves, cover the cost of the stove and provide on-going maintenance services.

A farmer sundrying coffee parchment 

Ripe coffee cherries at the coffee farm


FMI Ltd is boosting the coffee sector to offer opportunities for growth, raising earnings and transforming lives of the farming communities through providing marketing and other support services to coffee farmers. 

FMI Ltd focuses on enhancing its members’ competitiveness and their participation in the value chain, and promotes linkages with key service providers, such as input suppliers, researchers, financial institutions, extension services and final coffee buyers.

Supporting UOCG Ltd SACCO to establish financial management systems

Training youths on enterprise startup


SACCOs Support

The SACCOs department under FMI Ltd is responsible for offering support to community SACCOs as a way of providing access to finance for the rural poor. The FMI Ltd provides strategic support services to the SACCOs to build Sustainable SACCOs that providing easily accessible and affordable financial services to underserved communities, and to put in place institutional arrangements for sustainable provision of support services to financial services co-operatives. 

FMI Ltd’s support methodology involves mobilizing rural communities to start, use, benefit from and control their own financial institutions on a self-help basis. Through the same methodology, SACCOs that were not formed on the same foundation are guided to transform themselves and adopt FMI’s methodology so that they too can provide better financial services to their members.